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Updated: 1 hour 34 min ago

Covid-19: British Prime Minister delays lifting of restrictions

3 hours 21 min ago
British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has delayed by four weeks the planned lifting of most remaining Covid-19 restrictions in England, with the new date now set for July 19th. Johnson said if the government were to lift restrictions on June 21st as first planned, there could be thousands more deaths owing to the rapid spread of the more infectious Delta variant.
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Caritas: 'Share the Journey' campaign ends but journey continues

3 hours 35 min ago
Caritas Internationalis announces the end of its “Share the journey” campaign of solidarity with migrants and refugees with a press conference on Tuesday. The organization however promises that though the campaign formally ends, the mission of journeying with migrants, refugees and internally displaced persons still continues.
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Pope to political leaders: ‘Convert death into life, weapons into food'

4 hours 11 min ago
Pope Francis sends a video-message to participants in the 16th edition of the GLOBSEC Bratislava Forum where political leaders and ministers are focusing on rebuilding the post-pandemic world.
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Abrahamic Family House in Abu Dhabi to open in 2022

5 hours 36 min ago
The cultural landmark in the UAE capital, which includes a synagogue, a church and a mosque, is meant to be a beacon of understanding and peaceful coexistence, inspired by the Document on Human Fraternity.
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At the origins of the museum

6 hours 15 min ago
From the formation of collections by the Renaissance popes to the birth of modern museology. In the 1700s in the Pope’s city, a popular destination during the Grand Tour era, on the wave of Winckelmann’s studies, the museum was born.
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"Ciudad" Don Bosco: Helping young Colombians promote a sustainable economy

8 hours 3 min ago
Don Bosco City in Medellín, Colombia, welcomes and accompanies hundreds of minors every year with an integral educational formation that is directed towards environmental sustainability and respect for our common home, in order to gradually reduce the ecological impact and encourage small business activities that assist the livelihood of the entire community.
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Children at risk in Tigray, says UN

Mon, 06/14/2021 - 09:20
The UN has said thousands of children are at risk of dying from famine in Ethiopia's northern Tigray region. The warning comes as Pope Francis aks for prayers for the cessation of violence in the region, that "food and health care may be guaranteed to all, and that social harmony may be restored as soon as possible",
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Nicaragua: political crisis deepens ahead of elections

Mon, 06/14/2021 - 08:44
Nicaraguan police arrested and jailed five prominent opponents of President Daniel Ortega over the weekend. Amonst those arrested there are one-one-time rebel allies who are denouncing the President’s intentions to extend his mandate as an assault on democracy.
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A Vatican office rallies the strength of the laity

Mon, 06/14/2021 - 08:39
The Holy See's Dicasteries recounted from the inside: history, goals and mission - a look at how the offices work that support the Pope's ministry. The prefect of the Dicastery for the Laity, Family and Life, Cardinal Kevin Joseph Farrell, describes the work of his office in this interview.
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Archbishop Fisichella: ‘Poverty concerns all of us’

Mon, 06/14/2021 - 08:01
Pope Francis’s message for the 5th World Day of the Poor was presented on Monday morning by the President of the Pontifical Council for Promoting the New Evangelization.
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The scandal of abuse and the reform of the Church

Mon, 06/14/2021 - 07:35
The valuable indications contained in the letter in which Pope Francis rejected the resignation offered by Cardinal Marx.
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Leaders for Peace: Campaign kicks off with look at post-pandemic world

Mon, 06/14/2021 - 07:33
The Italian Embassy to the Holy See presents the global campaign of Leaders for Peace to the Diplomatic Corps accredited to the Holy See. The theme of the presentation is the renewed commitment to the training of future peace leaders as a first concrete step in the post-pandemic recovery process.
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Bishops of Burkina Faso and Niger call for improved security in the Sahel region

Mon, 06/14/2021 - 07:29
The Bishops’ Conference of Burkina Faso and Niger (CEBN) expresses concern about the growing rate of insecurity in the Sahel region and calls on authorities to make urgent efforts to restore calm amid a spate of violent attacks.
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Pope urges inclusive and sustainable food systems

Mon, 06/14/2021 - 07:07
As the Rome-based Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) kicked off its 4-day Conference on Monday, Pope Francis sent a message on how the world needs to rebuild after the current crisis.
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Burkina Faso: Cardinal Ouédraogo calls for solidarity over deadly attack.

Mon, 06/14/2021 - 04:52
Cardinal Philippe Ouédraogo, the Archbishop of Ouagadougou in Burkina Faso, has called for solidarity and prayers with victims of the country’s recent deadly terrorist attack, in years.
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Pope: The poor enable us to discover the true face of the Father

Mon, 06/14/2021 - 04:31
Pope Francis releases his message for the fifth World Day of the poor. He highlights the need for conversion and for an approach that counters new forms of poverty in the world and promotes the freedom needed to live a life of fulfilment according to the abilities of each person.
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Group of Seven agree on mass vaccination

Sun, 06/13/2021 - 10:43
The Group of Seven nations has agreed to participate in a worldwide vaccination plan to halt the coronavirus pandemic. It comes amid concerns that impoverished countries are being left out in the global jab drive. They also pledged to raise their contributions to meet an overdue spending pledge of 100 billion dollars a year by rich countries to help poorer ones cut carbon emissions.
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Pope offers assistance to Catholic charity in southern Italy

Sun, 06/13/2021 - 06:29
Cardinal Konrad Krajiewski, papal almoner, offers the support of Pope Francis to a local Catholic charity in San Severo in the province of Foggia, southern Italy opening its doors to families in difficulty due to the pandemic.
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Pope prays for victims of child labour, migrants dying at sea and for Ethiopia's Tigray region

Sun, 06/13/2021 - 05:48
Pope Francis prays for the victims of violence in Ethiopia's Tigray region, as well as for all those who risk their lives crossing the Mediterranean Sea, and for children forced into labour.
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Pope at Angelus: Discover the presence of God in our lives

Sun, 06/13/2021 - 05:33
At his Sunday Angelus, Pope Francis reminds us to have attentive eyes in order to see how God’s hidden presence is always there and at work in our lives and history.
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